3 thoughts on “Almost ready”

  1. Thanks for this comment on wants vs. needs. So very true. Greg and I experience this when we go backpacking but are trying very hard to apply in our everyday lives. Whittle down! Do we “need” all this stuff???
    Keep posting, I look forward to reading of your future adventures. Miriam

    1. Whittle down is right, in every aspect of life not only in the rucksack..lol..
      After purging the household in preperation of the adventure it was amazing how much stuff i had been packing and unpacking for 20 years, so much stuff that wasn’t “family treasures” or sentimental. I was carrying around too much junk. It was very liberating to reduce my load in all areas of life.
      Thanks for following Miriam look forward to hearing from you!!!!

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