The Essentials !


I want but do I need……..

I want to shop at Straubs and Neiman Marcus but I need to shop at Aldis and JCPennys.
I want to fly first class but I need to stow away.
I want to have a personal chef, sommelier, gardener and masseuse but I need to possess all these skills myself (never know when am opportunity may arise).
I want my son to think I’m the coolest person on the planet, but I only really need him to tell me he loves me at the end of the day.

Most all desires in life have awoken the little voice of conscious in our heads, questioning “Do you need this? Or do you just want this?” Whats the most practical, what’s the most logical, what will work and what won’t? What can wait and what can we just not live without.
Sometimes there is a clear line of difference and then there are times when the line between want and need are parallel.
I’ve always adapted the well thought out desire of a “want” into a self challenge to make that want a “need”. Granted not always the most logical, practical or easiest method of existence but it has always proved interesting.
The need/want counterpoint process of decision making has never been such a vital part of my daily life than in these last few weeks of preparation for Europe.

I WANT to take more than my Kelty 75 L pack and my weary back will allow-AND i NEED all of this. No, really i do! This picture is a look at the final* selection of items i reasoned with my self that i not only wanted but needed to take.
Heading off for locations yet to be determined, in winter, with the wardrobe needs from state dinner to farm labor, camping and hoofing it across the continent, yet still needing to look charming and professional -requires ALOT OF STUFF.
Granted, it would be a bit easier if i was 5’2″ & 130lbs, but i’m not. My long legs, big feet, and full figured voluptuousness, requires some space!
This assortment of “needs” was after weeks of purging personal belongings and budget shopping for gear based upon weight. Learning how many ounces my makeup bag weighs (10oz. by the way) to knowing exactly what 40 lbs. feels like….40 lbs is my goal weight for my pack.
After a full day of systematically rolling, folding, stuffing, and organizing i managed to get every OUNCE of it packed. A very joyous moment indeed when i got all i NEEDED & WANTED into one place.

That euphoria was immediately shattered as i attempted to lift this tightly packed assortment of “Needs”. Feeling like a ton and stacked so tall that when i did get it strapped on and finally upright my balance was dangerously thrown with each step. Placing it on the scale, the ensemble of “needs” weighed in at a whopping 63 1/2 pounds!
Granted this pack is only a hauler of temporary budget comfort when i’m between stops, not a survivalists essentials kit, but a girl has got needs!
So the self challenge is on again to reevaluate and reduce my “needs” for not only daily existence but living a life of endless opportunity working towards all that I “want”

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