Cooking according to Aga

The Aga is not a stove, nor a range , nor an oven. It is a household tool, a domestic servant that is a wonderful and useful jack of all trades yet ill equipped to be a master of any – an Aga is a part of daily life. Patricia says ” We’ve learned to cook according to Aga”, since moving into their lovely 18th century home located in Slane Ireland which came with a late model Aga range.

Patricia's Aga

Invented by the Swedes almost 100 yrs ago, the Aga fueled an Industrial Age of production becoming a common feature in gentry households across the continent. When one finds themselves face to face with the original Aga of days gone by, you will find it’s culinary capabilities are limited to fabulous slow cooked meals in the oven, bubbly crumbles, and perfect breads. Maintaining proper temperature for intricate dishes is impossible and in the modern days if you are of the elite new owners or lucky inherit-ees, I’d take odds you have a proper range in the butlers pantry (like Patricia). HOWEVER Aga Company is changing with the times and now offers a wide and wonderful array of modern day Aga’s, from their Total Control Ranger Cookers to their Duel Fuel and Electric Range cookers and now even the Aga City 60 (perfect for cramped urban quarters) – gastronomical wonders of every form can now be created in full with less work on an Aga. Bargain priced they are not, but special they are!!

Patricia at her Aga.

An iconic part of rural sophistication and home grown memories of drying your wash, warming your bum, or keeping the kettle on.

Not to forget about the delicious smells rolling from itself of slow cooked venison stews, roast pheasant, and apple crumbles born out of its massively inefficient yet beautifully nostalgic chambers.

Patricia's delicious Shepherds Pie
Patricia’s delicious Shepherds Pie
This infograph from Aga detailing the evolution on the Aga stove.
This infograph from Aga detailing the evolution on the Aga stove.

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