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A Sip Back In Time

One of my favorite stops along the journey earlier this year…thought I’d re-share for those of you who might of missed.

Rucksack Foodie

Wandering the streets of Dingle Ireland, I happened upon a shop window reminiscent of an antique/junk shop in America, upon entry I was pleasantly surprised to find a pub. An almost magical pub called Dick Mac’s. A space forgotten to time, known for its Guinness on tap on one side and leather goods and shoe repair on the other side.

Originally known as a “Spirit Grocery”, it was a multi trade pub and a common sight in Ireland, but now almost extinct with a few found mainly in remote counties such as Kerry and Tipperary.

imageDuring times of the temperance movement in the 19th century, Publicans (pub owners) were faced with angry wives and a church led movement resulting in a declining clientele. Diversifying their offerings to stay afloat, pub owners installed floor to ceiling wooden shelves opposite the bar and began offering goods such as grocery, hardware, clothing, and…

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One comment on “A Sip Back In Time

  1. Ira Friedman
    December 13, 2013

    What fun!!   Glad you shared Gerry


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