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2013: Highlights Of An Amazing Year !

The most asked question since i’ve been home is, “What was your most memorable moment this year?”….not an easy one to answer. Some of the best moments were only a blink of time and just never made it into one of my postings, so here are a few highlights (and less-than-highlights) of my first of many amazing years to come!

(disclaimer: i’m saving the good stuff for the book!)


1) Roadtripping around the Cork/Kerry Coast line for a week, suddenly realizing the trunk to the car is open, my backpack is missing, and we are already 15 miles down the road from where we had just spent the night…..but relieved to find it still leaning up against the parking lot wall, nothing missing and all intact!

2) Walking home from a formal ball held at the castle, in my homemade gown made from charity shop curtains, barefoot and laughing to myself….(not because Prince Charming found my glass slipper- but because my feet were killing me!)

3)Seeing 8 of my best girlfriends standing on a Paris street for the first time in six months…… And then oh the days that followed !!!


4) Walking the back streets of Montmarte late at night, chatting with a dear friend, and suddenly realizing we were strolling right through the middle of a movie being filmed….we just continued on like we were part of the crew.

5) Being underwhelmed by the Mona Lisa and overwhelmed at Musee de Cluny.

6) Working my “a%#” off planting over 1000 grapevine starts and earning one heck of a farmer’s tan….. Enjoying every minute of it in the gorgeous Alsatian countryside.image

7) Listening to the organ at Strasbourg Cathedral.

8) Farmer’s Market shopping in Paris.

9) Falling in “love” … and walking away not with a broken heart but with a life long dear friend.


10) Game night at Dolly Mitchell’s Pub ……. an epic night of ‘craic’ followed by an even more epic hangover.


11) Near-Naked Theater in Soho followed by late night disco dancing with Vikings.


12) Hiking the snow covered hillside in Gloucestershire with friends and sipping on a forgotton bottle of 30 yr old cider found in the family’s old cider press barn.

image13) Camping out on Sherkin Island beach, on a hot summer night (very rare in Ireland) and the most amazing star filled sky.

14) Listening in awe to first hand accounts from a dear friend who lived through “The Troubles” .

15) Meeting so many interesting and hospitable people, endless spots of historical and scenic wonder, making friends to last a life time, and coming home to my fabulous son and the most wonderful gaggle of friends one could only wish for! Here are some of those wonderful people who touched my life this past year…

And appreciating all the views, “likes”, and comments that you all shared while enjoying my novice attempt of journaling this amazing year of exploring.

So here is to an an unforgetable 2013 and and even more remarkable 2014! The adventure begins in March 2014…. stay tuned

Eat Good, Live Well, Enjoy Life!

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