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Tractor Pilates and Milking Maid Duties

Reading a piece in the Irish Independent on-line this week about the extreme wet weather my Irish farmer friends are having to deal with, made me think back fondly of my experience on the dairy farm last summer. Incase you missed it here is that blog…

Rucksack Foodie

Off  the grid and on the farm is where I can be found as of late. Exiting what turned out to be an unsavory work stay that had brought me back to Ireland from London, I found my way into a truly rewarding and educating experience thanks to some wonderful Irish friends and came to discover just how vitally important and amazing farm life can be.

I’ve always enjoyed and exceled at a challenge, especially if it was out of the ordinary so when I was offered an opportunity to a work stay on a family dairy farm it couldn’t have come at a better time. A third generation farmer ,”Razor” (as they call him in these parts cause everyone has a nickname it seems), generously opened his home to me and has shown the patience of Job while training this novice farm girl. His focused work ethic and wealth…

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