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A Visual Taste

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and how true.

Resting & waiting....

Resting & waiting….

Often it takes days if not weeks for me to scribble out a coherent, completed thought in my little black book of notes. Most of which I don’t share through this blog or Facebook, stock piling the stories and quips of thoughts, filing away recipes and scribbling down adventures for the dream book. But the images I snap I always feel confident enough to share almost immediately, excited to show the moment and the beauty I saw in it.

A tweaked image of an otherwise gray London sunrise

A tweaked image of an otherwise gray London sunrise

This week i share with you my Gallery Page from The Rucksack Foodie Blog. A “visual taste” of some of the beautiful places and people I have been so fortunate to experience since my travels began in November of 2012. You might notice there aren’t alot of ‘foodie’ pics, most i’m saving for that dream book. Often i find myself  a bit reserved to pull out the camera, table-side and commit the latest social faux pas of ‘annoying foodie pics’, and honestly

Clay oven cooking ....

Clay oven cooking ….

when in someones kitchen, learning their special dishes or visiting while potatoes are being peeled and pots being stirred, I find myself so caught up in the moment and not wanting to interrupt with pulling out my camera. So for now I hope you will go and enjoy the sights and beauty i’ve encountered on my Gallery Page , and do revisit often as I upload images to it, as well as my Facebook Page frequently.

CLICK HERE TO visit The Gallery or on any of these images.

Thanks for following and dont forget: Eat good, live well & enjoy life!

Eat good, live well, enjoy life...especially with friends!

Eat good, live well, enjoy life…especially with friends!

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