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Waking the Senses in Carlingford Ireland

Despite the short, cloudy days - Ireland this winter is wonderfully mild and perfect for outdoor exploring. Yesterday I was treated to a road trip compliments of my pal Freddie, to awaken the senses and shake off the damp. We ventured north to Carlingford Ireland which lies just across Carlingford Lough (actually a huge estuary) on… Continue reading Waking the Senses in Carlingford Ireland


The Essentials !

I want but do I need........ I want to shop at Straubs and Neiman Marcus but I need to shop at Aldis and JCPennys. I want to fly first class but I need to stow away. I want to have a personal chef, sommelier, gardener and masseuse but I need to possess all these skills… Continue reading The Essentials !