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Florence….The Drive-By Tour

Off the path, and i mean that on so many levels. After a few, exhausting days of solitary hiking along the Via Francigena ,I found myself in Florence Italy.  Arriving late into the city, I aimlessly strolled across the piazza and discovered  a fellow a American lone-wolf traveler. An interesting  character in a cocked LA… Continue reading Florence….The Drive-By Tour

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No Via Francigena But Plenty of Angels & Artichokes

Sunday, 23 March From the start of this trip a stillness comes over my mind as I try and reason with myself on this odyssey ( I'm guessing this is a coping mechanism and really im just in shock). Though I'm struggling a bit due to my lack of italian, gaining my bearings with cultural… Continue reading No Via Francigena But Plenty of Angels & Artichokes

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The Pilgrimage of the Not-Quite-For-Sure

And so it begins.... As I wrap up 3 overwhelming yet unimaginable days in Rome, today I begin the Via Francigena pilgrimage route (in reverse) from Rome to Canterbury England. For centuries, humans have followed this same route; for nomadic migration, for exotic trade, for war, for religion. I can not tell you for sure… Continue reading The Pilgrimage of the Not-Quite-For-Sure