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A few years back I went wandering in search of epicurean traditions, local tastes, unique characters, ancient history, scenic vistas, curious folklore and how community is built around the table. With way more memories in my head than on paper, I have attempted to record these fabulous moments but often get distracted by life’s opportunities, however the best stories i’ll save when we are at the pub with a whisky in hand!

There’s an old German saying: “Die Welt is ein Dorf” that translates, “the world is a village”, and although the world is getting smaller with lost villages all but found however there will always be interesting characters, delicious local foods, curious histories, or potent libations to travel and find.

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5 thoughts on “Who & Why & How”

  1. Cody I like your wedsite Great job.Its Cool your Happy and Well keep it up. Your Uncle Gordon.

    1. Wow, thank you so much! I really take that as a complement from you as I have thoroughly enjoyed and found so much interesting and useful foodie essentials reading through your posts!! I do not follow as many blogs as I should due to time and not wanting to be overly influenced but the few I do, like yours is always a treat to receive in my inbox!! I will reciprocate this evening!!!

  2. hope you ears are burning. your mom and gib come to visit this weekend. having a good time. seems like u are having a great time. Jack from Mississippi

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