LONDON Al Boccon d’ Vino

Al Boccon di’ Vino , 14 Red Lion St., Richmond Surrey, TW9 1RW

Tel: 0208 940 9060image

A little off the high street of Richmond (London), there lies a delicious bit of Venetian heaven.

It’s name, Al Boccon di’ Vino, translates to “a divine mouthful” and how true to form we discovered as our senses were overwhelmed upon entering.
Reservations are a must for this small 36 seat Italian restaurant. With one seating a night (7pm), we were greeted by friendly and focused staff, the room bustling with activity and conversation. The interior dripping with vino bottles, cherub statues and gilded mirrors and the aromas wafting from the kitchen reminiscent of Sunday dinner at your Nonna’s (Italian grandmother’s) house.
Diners must come prepared for the unknown as there IS NO MENU here, trusting in the chefs inherit knowledge and culinary craft to provide 7 courses of the finest and freshest in Italian cuisine.
Chef/owner Riccardo, a gregarious & textbook Italian (continental, handsome & flirtatious) who greeted everyone and strolled the tables throughout the evening.
The “no menu” concept might be wary to some but I can guarantee you will not be disappointed! Greeted with a simple wine choice of red or white AND a glass of Preseco, it was three hours of anything but simple and what seemed like an endless parade of dishes: antipasto to tempt every edge of the palette, imported Italian cheeses and peppered the carpaccio, fresh prawns and scallops swimming in butter herbs and white wine, the most amazing house made pasta, rich delectable porcini risotto, and a divine sizzling lamb joint w/ potatoes properly paraded by the staff through the room before being devoured by the already stuffed diners. And OH the desserts!!! (With Grappa & expresso)
3 hours of the most wonderful Italian cuisine, a night of memories never to be forgotten, and not needing to eat another bite for at least 3 days after this night out – all for 38£ .

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