LONDON The Desi Tadka


Desi Tadka, 148 Uxbridge Road, Hayes, Middlesex, UB4OJH Englandimage

The Desi Tadka. Travel west from London’s city center on the Ealing Court line to the Southall neighborhood, there you will find a modest looking takeaway with delicious smells and sounds smacking you in the face as you first enter and loud music thumping out Indian dance tunes. Upon further inspection in the back, is a brightly lit dinning area full of big wooden tables and seats with dramatic decor points of the Indian homeland, and the best waiters in the world! If you allow him to order you will soon have a steady flow of exotically spiced meats and sauces at the table. The flavor combinations were so complexed yet so distinctive if one sat and truely savored each delectable bite. Stop next door at the corner grocery and grab a 6-pack of Cobra beer because it’s BYOB (bring your own beer)! Oh and on the weekends the waiters dance ! Read more about my night at The Desi Tadka HERE !

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