IRELAND -Pebble Beach Pub

Battle of Clontarf, oil 1826 Hugh Frazier
Battle of Clontarf, oil 1826 Hugh Frazier

Five miles north of Dublin’s city center lies the historic suburb of Clontarf, most noted for the legendary battle between the Irish warriors of high king Brian Boru and the Vikings then ruling Dublin. Lying upon the scenic Dublin bay, you can enjoy convience to both the bustling historic city of Dubin and the scenic coast, a walk over to Bull Island wildlife perserve, a well kept densly populated residential area dotted with historic chuches and castles, and I must say some of the best pubs full of “Dubs”- in particular the Pebble Beach Pub in Clontarf, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

Me & some of the infamous Pebble Beach Pitch & Putt Leauge.
Me & some of the infamous Pebble Beach Pitch & Putt Leauge.

Out of the five great pubs (see below list) that we visited, the BEST one of the night was recommended by the taxi driver, the Pebble Beach Pub one block off the coast road on a tree lined street surrounded by homes. From the moment we crossed the threshold,  we felt at home. Greeted with ‘how are ya’ and welcoming smiles as we crossed the golf themed room to the well lit bar and immediately finding friendly chat and banter from the countless locals enjoying a pint.

Grainger's Pebble Beach Pub
Grainger’s Pebble Beach Pub

Though there was a back lounge with music and loads of activities, and a large private party upstairs, we stuck to the front room bar. Within minutes we felt like regulars making friends with local neoghbors Seamus, Mic & Norman and an hour into our visit was being invited along to their Sunday morning golf outing at which point ‘Stormin’ Norman disappeared for fifteen minutes only to return with a putter, an 8 iron and lovely japanesse bag of balls and tees for my use the next morning… I was officially committed to showing up for play by his kind gesture (despite my not having packed any appropriate golf attire).

The Pebble Beach Pitch & Putt league is a mixed crew of wonderful characters with a love of the game and an impressive stamina to manage a late night lock-in with a 10am tee off every weekend. They also are in my book as the best welcoming committe the town of Clontarf could find to represent tourism and the best crew of locals a visitor could ever hope to share a pint with.

The luxurious Clontarf Castle
The luxurious Clontarf Castle

So when planning your vacation to Dublin, consider Clontarf suburb; many nice B&Bs but even better Clontarf Castle Hotel for a nights stay worthy of a princess and fabulous dining, an easy few minutes transport on the DART (commuter train) to Dublin’s bustling city center, less than 8km from the quaint seaside village of Howth, and home to one the best ‘locals’ pub in Ireland, Grainger’s Pebble Beach Pub.

Grainger's Pebble Beach Pub, Clontarf
Grainger’s Pebble Beach Pub, Clontarf


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