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Feels Good & Tastes Heavenly! Akvavit !!!

16th century woodcut of Danish Nobleman Eske Bille, forefather of Akvavit
16th century woodcut of Danish Nobleman Eske Bille, forefather of Akvavit

16th century Danish nobleman and home-brewer of sorts, Eske Bille may have originally only had intentions of improving the herbal elixir left over from the Black Death but little did he know he was to be the forefather of the original snaps/schnapps otherwise known as Akvavit to the Danish. This smooth beverage gains it’s name sake from the Latin aqua vitae, meaning “water of life” and it is consumed as such in the cold northern regions of Europe  where Akvavit is enjoyed during celebrations and gatherings as a “shot”. As Sundays here on the English hillside of May Hill, Gloucestershire are currently celebrated in a relaxed feast format around the clay wood fired oven, we toasted the falling snow and roasting pork with some of Anni’s Danish mother’s homemade Akvavit. What a treat!! A smooth amber libation with hints of warm orange, chocolate, fir almost peat like found in a quality single malt scotch. Truly a mouthful of heaven!!image

Not only did Anni share her mother’s very special bottle (which is the only bit left until her next visit home to Denmark) but she also shared her mother’s recipe!!! Enjoy and please share a comment on how your batch of homemade Akvavit turned out!

Anni’s Akvavi

40 sugar lumps
2 vanilla split pods
40 Coffee beans (whole)
1 large Orange punctured with a fork
1 Liter of Vodka
Pour the vodka over the ingredients and leave for a minimum of 30 days.
The longer you leave it the better.
Strain and store in a bottle with lid. If it gets too concentrated, just add more vodka.

Here are some more pictures of our snowy Sunday feast in the oven houseimage





8 thoughts on “Feels Good & Tastes Heavenly! Akvavit !!!”

  1. So funny that you have blessed me with this recipe! I have a neighbor from Norway and at a party recently he passed a bottle of Akvavi and was talking about how they drink it in Norway! I can’t wait to make some and surprise him with it. It shall be great fun. Thank you! Thank you! Keep writing, experiencing and living the good life. I am so enjoying your experiences.

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