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Misfits Inspiring

imageI just experienced one of the most inspirational nights in many a moon at the St. Louis International Film Festival, viewing the Documentary Shorts of Artist Lives, and most especially the film by Kirkwood (St. Louis) Missouri native Virginia Lee Hunter titled “Tumbling From The Mountaintop of Truth: The Art of Anselm Spring” .

A new documentary short by Virginia Lee Hunter, beautiful and inspiring both visually and intellectually.

A new documentary short by Virginia Lee Hunter, beautiful and inspiring both visually and intellectually.

Her ability to frame the creative and sometimes raw spirit ofAnselm Spring,the prolific artist/accomplished photographer, on film and capture the essence found within beautiful messes and eccentric genius, is genius in itself. Her craft and his story are truly inspiring and justifying for the misfit path of creative discovery my life has taken this past year and will continue on. Watch for this film in the near future as it makes it’s way (fingers crossed) to Sundance & Berlin amongst other notable independent film festival & documentary platforms! (Sadly no trailers or clips of “Tumbling….” available on line yet.)

Virginia Lee Hunter is an accomplished photographer and documentarian, tackling subjects with her gifted eye behind the lens from Green Peace and environmental pollution to south city fish frys . Whether human interest, corporate profiles or diving into the sub-culture of society, Virginia has a keen sense of focus not only on the image but on the message. Such as she did with a rare inside peek into the gritty and strangely beautiful world of the American carnival in her 2007 released photo book titled Carny: Americana On The Midway . link , also inspiring a documentary film of the same title shot by Alison Murray.

A page from Virginia Lee Hunter's strangely beautiful photo book, Carny:Americana On The Midway.

A page from Virginia Lee Hunter’s strangely beautiful photo book, Carny:Americana On The Midway.

The night came full circle for this Rucksack Foodie, having the privilege to gather at the table with cajun seared tuna and pints of Hoegaarden with a community of creative minds, artful hands, and wandering souls following the viewing; enjoying our own personal Q&A with the film maker. Many thanks to Bry and Petra for tonights chapter!

5 comments on “Misfits Inspiring

  1. virginia lee hunter
    November 19, 2013

    Wow Cody!! Youre hired as my Promotional barker! You rock yourself and I hope our paths crossed again soon. Now I’ll excuse myself as I peruse through your blog.

    • Rucksack Foodie
      November 19, 2013

      Just pure enlightenment for me last night meeting you, and viewing your work! I do so hope our paths cross again!
      Thanks for reading, although it will be a mere blip in the universe and most dull compared to your travels and experiences!

  2. Petra Haynes
    November 19, 2013

    LOVE IT!! Thanks to Lee and Cody, for making last night a special treat, visually and gastronomically! We met some lovely folks we hope will become friends, and enjoyed some stimulating conversation and tasty food after attending the film festival. Definitely a satisfying evening!

  3. Bryan
    November 22, 2013

    Very well described Rucksack! How privileged we are to reconnect with great people like Lee and to connect smart people like the the two of you.. Know something great will come out of it…

    • Rucksack Foodie
      November 22, 2013

      Thanks so much to you and the Mrs. for once again presenting yet another fascinating part of the world for me to soak up!

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